About us

About us

Places of Germany: Your inspiration for excursions & tours in Germany

Whether you’re looking for sights nearby or planning a tour of the most beautiful places in Germany – at Places of Germany you’ll find a hand-picked collection of tips for the best destinations. Our recommendations for individual places or routes consist of high-quality photos and informative descriptions with numerous practical suggestions for a successful trip. Our intuitive online search allows you to search for specific themes, cities, activities or beautiful places nearby. We always have personalised tips for hiking fans, cyclists, campers and families – simply browse and be inspired. Want to contribute something? Then become part of our community and help us grow our collection of places.

A passion for travelling and photography

Places of Germany was founded by Jens Voh, who has always enjoyed taking photographs while travelling. Whilst searching for new travel destinations, he always found a large amount of information on the Internet. However, he did not find a portal that clearly presented and rated the sights nearby and the most beautiful tours through Germany. This is how the idea for Places of Germany was born. The perfect opportunity for Jens to share his passion for travelling and photography with others. At the end of 2022, the time had come: Places of Germany went live and has enjoyed a rapidly growing number of users ever since.

Our team


Founder and CEO of Places of Germany. Er bereiste, fotografierte und bewertete mehr als 500 der dargestellten Places. Nach seinem Studium der Wirtschaftswissenschaften war er bei mehreren internationalen Unternehmensberatungsgesellschaften tätig, u.a. als Partner und Geschäftsführer. In addition to his work for Places of Germany, he is currently a managing partner at a consultancy firm in the banking sector.


As Customer Manager, she ensures that Places of Germany becomes better known and that our community of keen travellers continues to grow. She studied history and philosophy at the University of Stuttgart.


In his role as Customer Manager, he focuses primarily on the younger user group and also ensures that Places of Germany is further publicised. He is currently starting his degree in economics.


As CFO, she manages the finances of Places of Germany. She studied economics at the University of Hohenheim and audit and finance at Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

Other team members


Partner of Smoco Agentur für Mediendesign, studied media design and is responsible for the technical realisation and operation of the Places of Germany website.


Partner of Smoco Agentur für Mediendesign, has also completed a degree in media design and is responsible for the graphic design, further development and SEO optimisation of Places of Germany.


She studied Applied Linguistics and Cultural Studies at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and specialises in text and editing. She creates customised texts for the Places and Routes in our collection.
Places of Germany


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