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Germany is a country of significant treasures, historic buildings and cultural landscapes. Our scouts have visited and rated more than 800 “Places of Germany” worth experiencing: Impressive castles and ruins, fairytale palaces and gardens, picturesque towns and villages, tranquil rivers and lakes, sights worth seeing in the big cities, narrow gorges and caves, typical German natural forests and much more. Browse our database and be amazed at the possibilities. We’ll guide you conveniently with our search functions, whether for an excursion nearby, for planning your holiday or for a city tour. Our Places collection is alive and constantly being expanded. Become a scout yourself and take part. We regularly raffle attractive prizes among the selected and published Places.

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Auf dem Stuttgarter Weihnachtsmarkt mit Mini Eisenbahn und Riesenrad
Christmastime in Germany

Children’s eyes light up at the Stuttgart Christmas market

More than 2,000 Christmas markets transform the city centres between the Alps and the North Sea coast into romantic seas of light in December. Stuttgart’s Christmas market is one of the largest and most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany. What makes it special: The many great attractions for children.

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Ludwigsburg Flowering Baroque

Experience autumn at the Ludwigsburg pumpkin exhibition

Every autumn, everything in Ludwigsburg revolves around the pumpkin for a few months. At the world-famous Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Exhibition, visitors can marvel at artistic pumpkin figures, sample culinary delicacies or experience one of the numerous events. Here you will find the most important information about the Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival as well as sightseeing tips in the area.

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