Alpine peak

Alpine peak


Ideal summit in the Wetterstein mountains with a magnificent view

Do you know one of the most beautiful mountains in the northern Alps? Then go to the Alpspitze, a 2628 m high mountain in the Wetterstein mountains. The peak shows an “ideal-typical” mountain shape; like a pyramid. It is a “local mountain” of Garmisch-Partenkirchen and one of the most famous and beautiful mountains of the northern Alps. If you are an experienced mountain hiker, you have a choice of several via ferrata routes to the summit. When you start out, you park in the large parking lot at the foot of the mountain and can then, of course, start from the very bottom, which does mean tackling a significant elevation gain. Alternatively, the Alpspitzbahn takes you quickly up to 2,033 meters above sea level. At the top station is a restaurant with a large terrace. At this altitude has a magnificent view. A few meters further is the viewing platform AlpSpiX, which offers particularly beautiful views.


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