Cherry Blossom Germany: The Most Beautiful Places

Cherry Blossom Germany: The Most Beautiful Places

In Japan, the tradition of cherry blossom has been around for several centuries. However, in Germany, this beautiful tradition has also been celebrated in some places for many years. With numerous events, the arrival of spring and the cherry blossom is welcomed, marking the end of winter and the transition into the warmer season.

Cherry Blossom in Germany – When Exactly Is It? The timing of cherry blossom season in Germany varies each year depending on the winter. Usually, the peak of the cherry blossom season falls between mid-April and early May. In some places, such as Schwetzingen in the state of Baden-Württemberg, the blooming of cherry trees is carefully documented with a so-called “bloom-o-meter.”

Are you in the mood for some Japanese cherry blossom flair? You can experience the beautiful blossom spectacle and traditional cherry blossom festivals best at the following locations in Germany.

Queen in the port city of Hamburg

Coronation of the Cherry Blossom Queen

The tradition of the annual Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival in dates back to 1968. In that year, the Japanese community in Hamburg planted around 5,000 cherry trees along the banks of the Alster, the Kennedy Bridge, and the Alsterkrugchaussee as a sign of German-Japanese friendship in Altona Volkspark. Highlights of the popular festival include the coronation of the Cherry Blossom Queen and the fireworks on Friday evening of the festival weekend. The Cherry Blossom Festival in Hamburg in 2023 is also a symbol of the more than 30-year partnership between Hamburg and the Japanese city of Osaka.

Schwetzingen: Bloom barometer of cherry blossoms in Germany

An annual natural spectacle in the state of Baden-Württemberg

When do cherry trees blossom? Every year in Schwetzingen, Baden-Württemberg, the so-called Cherry Blossom Barometer focuses on answering this question. The detailed development of the Japanese cherry blossom in the Schwetzingen Palace Gardens is captured through photography. Initially, the unique natural spectacle is photographed once a week. As the blooming time approaches, new pictures of the fascinating cherry trees are posted more frequently. The blooming of the Japanese cherry blossoms is considered a special attraction in Schwetzingen, which regularly draws numerous visitors.

Cherry Blossom in Germany - Popular Photo Spots in Baden-Baden

Discover the most beautiful places for photography in Baden-Baden

Another place where you can admire the splendor of cherry blossoms is the spa town of Baden-Baden in Baden-Württemberg Kurstadt Baden-Baden. The impressive bloom in front of the Trinkhalle and along the Lichtentaler Allee is a popular photo motif – both for amateur photographers and for influencers who want to incorporate the elegant pale pink blossoms into their content. In nearby Karlsruhe, thousands of cherry blossom trees can also be admired at various locations.

Heading to Berlin

Cherry Blossom Festivals in the Capital City

A trip to the most beautiful cherry blossom spots in Germany would not be complete without a stop in Berlin. Cherry trees and avenues can be found throughout the city. However, two well-known cherry blossom festivals are a highlight in the capital city. One of them is the popular Hanami Festival at the TV-Asahi Cherry Blossom Avenue on Bornholmer Straße. Over the past few decades, a total of 1,100 cherry trees have been planted on the former Berlin border strip, donated by a Japanese charity as a gesture of joy for the reunification of Germany. The Japanese supporters wanted to symbolically bring peace to people’s hearts with the cherry trees. In addition, information boards on the former border line can be found at the so-called “Japan Corner.” The second cherry blossom festival takes place in the “Gardens of the World” in Berlin-Marzahn. Here, a colorful entertainment program is offered every year in the Japanese, Chinese, and Korean gardens.

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Cherry Blossoms Bonn: Hotspot for Cherry Blossom Fans

Discover the most beautiful places to admire the pink spectacle in Bonn.

It is never possible to say exactly when the cherry blossoms in Bonn will bloom. However, the unique natural spectacle usually occurs during the first warm days in April. The cherry blossom is particularly spectacular during this time on Heerstraße and Breiten Straße. About 60 Japanese cherry blossoms can be found here, which form a veritable cherry blossom tunnel when in full bloom. In the old town of Bonn, the popular Cherry Blossom Festival takes place every year in April on Friedrichstraße. Here, you can admire the pink blossom just as much as in Maxstraße and Peterstraße, where the delicate Japanese column cherries bloom.

Cherry Blossoms in Frankfurt

Japanese Flair in the Banking Metropolis

Even in the otherwise bustling city of Frankfurt am Main, you can admire the pink sea of cherry blossoms in spring. A picturesque avenue of cherry trees is located right in the center of the shopping mile at the Frankfurt Hauptwache. Not far away, on the popular Main River bank, there are also numerous cherry trees. Here, you can stroll along the Main or take in the atmosphere with a view of the Frankfurt skyline from afar. For a more tranquil experience, visit the small Chinese garden in the Bethmann Park in the east of Frankfurt. The idyllic park with a babbling brook and quacking ducks offers the perfect backdrop for all cherry blossom enthusiasts.

Witzenhausen Cherry Blossom with a Long Tradition

Long before the Japanese custom of cherry blossom spread in Germany, it had already played a role in northern Hessian Witzenhausen for centuries. Since the 16th century, the red fruit has been in focus in the cherry land there. The approximately 100,000 cherry trees in the region are mainly located on orchard meadows around the picturesque half-timbered town. Cherries are grown here for sale, but also for variety preservation and experimental purposes. The highlights of the cherry blossom season are a trip on the beautiful Witzenhausen Cherry Trail and the town’s own cherry festival, the so-called Kesperkirmes.

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