Beilstein on the Moselle

Beilstein on the Moselle


One of the most beautiful places on the Moselle, called the "Sleeping Beauty of the Moselle".

Anyone travelling along the Moselle should definitely visit the beautiful village of Beilstein. It lies idyllically at the end of a narrow stream valley, surrounded by vineyards, on one of the most impressive Moselle bends. Beilstein was granted town charter as early as 1309, by King Henry VII. Its medieval buildings make the town one of the most beautiful on the Moselle, and its romantic atmosphere has ensured that it is also known as the “Sleeping Beauty of the Moselle”. There is a picturesque market where the former tithe house is located. Walking through the narrow, winding streets, you will see many beautiful old half-timbered houses. Above Beilstein are the ruins of Metternich Castle, formerly home to the princely family of the same name.


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