Brenz on the Brenz Gallus Church

Brenz on the Brenz Gallus Church


Gallus church on the road of the Staufers

As early as around the year 650, an old wooden church stood on the site of today’s Protestant Galluskirche in Brenz an der Brenz. At the turn of the 12th and 13th centuries, this was first replaced by an unfinished pillar basilica and then by today’s late Romanesque pillar basilica. Of the pier basilica, two octagonal columns in the western nave still remain today. After extensive renovation in the 1960s, the church, which is well worth seeing, shone in new splendor starting in 1997. In particular, the round arch friezes with their head consoles and relief stones, which encircle almost the entire exterior, are an absolute highlight at this extraordinary sight.


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