Frankfurt on the Main Katharinen Church

Frankfurt on the Main Katharinen Church


Late Gothic main church of the Main metropolis

Even the Goethe family visited St. Katharinen’s Church on the Hauptwache in Frankfurt am Main for church services. Today, the main Protestant church of the Main metropolis is still located in the late Gothic hall building with Baroque portals. The building, erected in 1681, is today regarded as a model for the construction of numerous other churches. An absolute eye-catcher in Frankfurt’s St. Catherine’s Church is the Gothic “Mary with the Crescent Moon” on the outer wall and the 17th-century gallery paintings, a late-Gothic St. Catherine’s figure and the stained-glass windows by Charles Crodel in the interior. After the church was destroyed at the end of the Second World War in 1944, it was rebuilt ten years later.


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