Frankfurt on the Main Taunus plant

Frankfurt on the Main Taunus plant


Relaxing in Frankfurt's green lung

If you are not familiar with Frankfurt’s city centre, you would certainly not expect to find a green oasis like the Taunusanlage among the skyscrapers and historic buildings. Between the Taunus Gate and the Old Opera House is a picturesque park with rolling meadows and a multitude of monuments and works of art. If you need a short break from the hustle and bustle of the Main metropolis, this is the place to be. The most famous works of art include the Schiller Monument by Jonas Dielmann and a monument in honour of Beethoven. Junghofstraße runs through the middle of the grounds. As a result of the severe destruction of the Second World War, Frankfurt’s Taunusanlage was redesigned at great expense in 1950.


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