Hamburg Captain’s Houses Övelgönne

Hamburg Captain’s Houses Övelgönne


Historic North German Architecture

In a picturesque setting on the Elbe beach, you can admire numerous captain’s houses steeped in history in the Hamburg district of Övelgönne. The captain’s houses are similar in their unusual architecture to the so-called Frisian houses – both represent the typical characteristics of historic North German architecture. Both types of house belong to the gabled houses, which have a protruding third gable. The difference between captain’s houses and Frisian houses, however, is the inclination of the gable. This architectural stylistic device appears somewhat more raised in the captain’s houses and is typical of the original North German building style. This makes the Hamburg captain’s houses in Övelgönne a real eye-catcher that you should definitely take a look at during a leisurely walk along the Elbe.


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