Husum Old Town

Husum Old Town


Welcome to the "Grey City by the Sea

The famous poem “The Town” by Theodor Storm gave Husum the nickname “Grey Town by the Sea”. But Storm’s hometown certainly doesn’t look grey and dreary on a walk through Husum’s old town. Besides the numerous museums such as the North Frisian Museum, the Nissenhaus and the Theodor Storm House, the 16th-century castle with its gatehouse and idyllic castle park are also worth seeing. On the market square, the Marienkirche (St. Mary’s Church) and the Asmussen-Woldsen Monument, designed as a fountain, are impressive. The monument, also called the “Tine Fountain”, is considered Husum’s landmark and shows the bronze sculpture of a young fisherwoman with a headscarf, wearing wooden shoes and holding an oar in her right hand.


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