Ludwigsburg Favourite Castle

Ludwigsburg Favourite Castle


Visit the former hunting and pleasure palace

Built between 1717 and 1723 on the model of the Viennese Garden Palace, the idyllic Favorite Palace served Duke Eberhard Ludwig von Württemberg as a hunting and pleasure palace in the 18th century. Hunts and festivities such as balls and dinners used to take place here. This purpose is also recognisable in the architecture of the Baroque pleasure palace. The open staircases and the façade of the building have a cheerful and animated effect, while the interior is completely symmetrical. The palace, which was built according to the plans of the court architect Donato Giuseppe Frisoni, was intended to be both an eye-catcher and a vantage point over the Favoritewald and the Tiergarten due to its location on a hill.


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