Lüneburg St. Johannis Church

Lüneburg St. Johannis Church


The leaning tower of Lüneburg

As one of Lüneburg’s oldest churches, St. Johannis Church dominates the Hautplatz am Sande in the city centre of Lüneburg. It is considered an important building of North German brick Gothic and was built between 1289 and 1470 as a five-nave Gothic hall church. An absolute eye-catcher is the 109-metre-high tower of the church, which was completed in 1384. It looks crooked from all sides because the roof truss is deformed like a corkscrew in the upper part. Just like the other Lüneburg churches of St. Nicolai and St. Michaelis, the main Protestant-Lutheran church of St. Johannis is very popular with tourists because they are official stops on the European Route of Brick Gothic.


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