Monschau Haller Ruin

Monschau Haller Ruin


Tower high above Monschau worth seeing

The Monschau Hallerruine is certainly one of the most striking sights in the Eifel town on the Rur. The ruined tower is enthroned high on the Rahmenberg above the market square and can therefore be easily seen from the old town. A footpath leads up to the Monschau Hallerruine via the “Halber Mond” vantage point. There are various theories about its history: Either the Haller was an observation post of the castle, as from here one had a good view of the Rur valley. Or it served as an outer castle to protect the Reichenstein monastery. What the tower probably looked like – imposing and roofed – can be seen in a drawing from 1543.


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