Nuremberg Museum Bridge

Nuremberg Museum Bridge


The bridge of many names

Originally a wooden bridge with two stone arches, today’s Nuremberg Museum Bridge was built in 1484 as a link between the districts of Lorenz and St. Sebald. After it was destroyed by a flood in 1603, it was temporarily replaced by another wooden bridge before a stone bridge with “pulpit-like cantilevers” was built in 1700. The name “Museum Bridge” goes back to the “Gesellschaft Museum”, which was located near the bridge in the 19th century. Previously it was called “Barfüßerbrücke”, “Josephsbrücke”, “Königsbrücke”, “Obere Brücke” and “Plobenhofbrücke”. In 1956, after its destruction in the Second World War, the Museum Bridge was rebuilt and widened along with the triumphant arch-like superstructures.


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