Oberstdorf town

Oberstdorf town


Spa, vacation destination and winter sports mecca

Oberstdorf in the Bavarian district of Oberallgäu is known worldwide – as a health resort, vacation destination and winter sports resort. With about 2.4 million visitors per year, Oberstdorf is a real tourist magnet. In addition to the numerous hiking trails, the alpine ski areas on the Nebelhorn, the Söllereck and the Fellhorn/Kanzelwand as well as the cross-country ski trails regularly attract vacationers to the idyllic town for mountaineering and skiing. Good to know for all visitors: about 75 percent of the village is under nature protection. Oberstdorf is also known worldwide as the venue for the opening jump of the Four Hills Tournament, which is held annually at the Audi Arena on Schattenberg. The ice sports center also offers perfect training conditions for other winter sports.


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