Pile dwellings Unteruhldingen

Pile dwellings Unteruhldingen


Off to Germany's oldest open-air museum

In the small town of Unteruhldingen on Lake Constance there is something very special. The lake dwellings are a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as the oldest open-air museum in Germany and offer an insight into life in villages from the Stone and Bronze Ages. Discover the historic pile dwellings as well as the accompanying special exhibition on the beginnings of the museum. In a Stone Age trail, “Uhldi” tells visitors about life in the Stone Age. Also on display at the Unteruhldingen Open-Air Museum are more than 1,000 original finds in the special exhibition “The Heritage of the Pile Dwellers” as well as the results of excavations from Hornstaad (3,900 B.C.), Sipplingen (3,300 B.C.) and Unteruhldingen (900 B.C.).


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