Saxon Switzerland Schrammsteine

Saxon Switzerland Schrammsteine


Imposing rock group in Saxon Switzerland

The Schrammsteine in Saxon Switzerland refer to an approximately 12 km² long, rugged rock group located east of Bad Schandau. A distinction is made between the Vordere Schrammsteine, which extend from the Falkenstein to the wide cleft, and the Hintere Schrammsteine, which lie between the Winterberge and the Affenstein. The mighty million-year-old Schrammstones are also very impressive. Those who want to visit the Schrammsteine can reach them either by train, bus or boat. For hikers, there are two recommendable hiking trails – one ten kilometres long and one seven kilometres long. The latter involves an ascent of about 350 metres, but offers an incomparable view.


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