Starzlachklamm gorge

Starzlachklamm gorge


Spectacular Allgäu natural spectacle

Near Burgberg in the Allgäu is a point of attraction that fascinates visitors and hikers again and again with a unique natural spectacle: the Starzlachklamm. The river Starzlach rises between Grünten and Wertacher Hörnle at an altitude of 1070 meters and created the gorge thousands of years ago. In several waterfalls the river falls spectacularly over rock drops and through kettle-shaped water mills into the depth. In addition to fossils, nummulites can also be found in the rock walls. From the Starzlachklamm gorge, in addition to hiking, you can also go on mountain bike tours or standup paddling (SUP) rides. The surrounding towns of Sonthofen and Immenstadt also regularly attract visitors with their diverse leisure activities.


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