Stolzenfels Castle

Stolzenfels Castle


Experience Rhine Romanticism at Stolzenfels

The eponymous castle towers high above the Stolzenfels district of Koblenz in the Middle Rhine Valley. Initially built as a customs castle in the 13th century, Stolzenfels Castle was completely destroyed in 1689. The subsequently built neo-Gothic castle complex is considered one of the most outstanding buildings of the Rhine Romanticism and is annually the center of the popular event “Rhine in Flames”. Shortly after the completion of the present castle in the 19th century, it was opened to visitors. Today, visitors can see the gate building, the palace with its vaulted knights’ hall, the pergola garden and the keep, among other things. An important work of the Rhenish High Romanticism, a wall painting by Hermann Stilke, can be found in the medieval residential tower.


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