Stuttgart Bear Castle

Stuttgart Bear Castle


Excursion destination in the west of Stuttgart

Especially on weekends there is always a lot going on here: The Bärenschlössle in Stuttgart’s Rotwildpark is a popular destination. Built in 1768 as a pleasure palace in the old Roman style by Duke Carl Eugen, it now houses a restaurant. Idyllically embedded in the forest, the Bärenschlössle is surrounded by three lakes. On the Bärensee, Duke Carl Eugen had gondolas sail that he had brought with him from Italy. After his death, the Bärenschlössle was demolished by King Wilhelm I in 1817 and replaced by a hunting pavilion. This was then destroyed again during the Second World War. It was not until the 1960s that the Bärenschlössle was reconstructed on the model of the original building.


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