Wangen im Allgäu Martin’s Gate

Wangen im Allgäu Martin’s Gate


Five-storey gate in the old town

The Martin’s Gate in the old town of Wangen im Allgäu is one of the four surviving town gates, along with the Frauentor and the Pfaffentor. Built in 1347 from bricks, the gate rises over five storeys at the end of Paradiesstraße in the old town. In 1608 it was rebuilt and raised, just like the Frauentor. Today, remnants of the Gothic painting can still be seen at the gateway. The Martin’s Gate was last painted in 1924. In addition to St. Martin, the abbots of St. Gallen and Ottobeuren, the coats of arms of the monastery of St. Gallen, the city and the kingdoms of Bavaria and Württemberg can also be seen here.


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