Wiesbaden Biebrich Palace

Wiesbaden Biebrich Palace


Former princely residence

Biebrich Palace, located directly on the banks of the Rhine in the Wiesbaden district of Biebrich, is one of the most important Baroque palaces in Germany. Biebrich Palace was initially planned as a garden palace before it was converted into a residential palace in 1703. Until 1841 it served as the main residence of the princes and dukes of Nassau. Nowadays, it regularly hosts conferences and official ceremonies and receptions, including those of the Hessian state government. From 1817 to 1823, the extensive palace park was laid out in a style reminiscent of an English landscape garden and is protected as a garden monument. The “International Wiesbaden Whitsun Tournament” has been held here every year since 1929.


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