Assmannshausen Old Town

Assmannshausen Old Town


Picturesquely situated red wine village at the most romantic place of the Rhine river

Do you like red wine in romantic surroundings? Assmannshausen (pop. approx. 1,000), a small, picturesque red wine village, is ideal for this. It nestles on the eastern bank of the upper Middle Rhine and is thus part of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley World Heritage Site. On a trip along this route, a stop in this beautiful town is a must. Assmannshausen has a very long red wine tradition, ultimately dating back to the founding of the municipality in 1108. During the Rhine Romantic period in the 19th century, numerous celebrities – writers, poets, composers, painters, musicians and other artists – visited the pitoreque town. In the Hotel Krone you can feel the breath of history. Very famous guests stayed here, including Kaiser Wilhelm I, Wilhelm II, Otto von Bismarck and Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary, called “Sissi”.


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