Augsburg Maximilian street

Augsburg Maximilian street


A whole lot of art history in a single street

Augsburg’s Maxmilianstraße – also often called Maxstraße or formerly Weinmarkt – is a particularly worthwhile promenade in Augsburg’s city centre that combines various art-historical styles in one street. The origins of Maxmilianstraße can be traced back to Roman times. In 1809, the street was widened to its current shape by demolishing several buildings. Discover impressive buildings from the Gothic, Renaissance, Rococo, Neoclassical and post-war periods during a walk through the representative street between Rathausplatz and Ulrichsplatz. The Augsburg Splendour Fountain is also a special eye-catcher. Numerous boutiques, cafés and restaurants invite you to stroll and linger.


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