Bautzen Old Waterworks

Bautzen Old Waterworks


Historic landmark of the city of Bautzen

On the edge of the old town of Bautzen, directly on the Spree, you will find one of the town’s landmarks – the Old Waterworks. The old waterworks served as the city’s water supply from 1558 to 1965 and was part of the city’s fortifications, as can be seen, for example, from the battlements. Today, the Old Waterworks houses a technical museum. In the 1980s and at the beginning of the 2000s, the Old Waterworks was extensively restored and is now a listed building. Both the engine house and the viewing platform, which can be reached by climbing 184 steps, are worth seeing. Here you have a wonderful view over the roofs of Bautzen to the Lusatian Mountains.


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