Chiemsee Women’s Island

Chiemsee Women’s Island


Idyllic Fraueninsel in Lake Chiemsee

Fraueninsel is the small island neighbouring Herreninsel in Lake Chiemsee and can be reached all year round by Chiemsee shipping or by boat. The island is only about 15 hectares in size, is home to about 250 inhabitants in 50 houses and is completely bicycle and car-free. On the easy shore path you can explore one of the oldest cultural sites on Lake Chiemsee with its famous Benedictine convent Frauenwörth, traditional fishing businesses, old potteries and the well-kept houses and gardens of its few inhabitants. Also worth seeing is the old stock of trees on Fraueninsel with two lime trees over 1000 years old – a Marien and a Tassilolinde. Let yourself be inspired by the special charm of Fraueninsel!


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