Düsseldorf Gehry Buildings

Düsseldorf Gehry Buildings


Eye-catcher in Düsseldorf's Media Harbour

The imposing architecture of the Gehry buildings in Düsseldorf has only been shaping the cityscape since 1999, but is nevertheless already known worldwide. After the demolition of the old customs port, three sculptural, organically shaped buildings by the US architect Frank O. Gehry were created as part of a competition, which captivate with their differences in geometry, material and form. The combination of clinker brick, stainless steel and white plaster determines the three different façades. The expressive ensemble of buildings is an eye-catcher in the Medienhafen, giving it a very special charm and heralding the structural change in this part of town. Gourmets will find two restaurants with upscale cuisine in the Gehry buildings to match the extraordinary architecture.


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