Gelnhausen Old Town

Gelnhausen Old Town


Barbarossa town with medieval architecture

The town of Gelnhausen was founded in 1170 by Emperor Frederick I, who was also called Barbarossa. This is where the nickname Barbarossa Town comes from. In the winding historic old town there are numerous medieval buildings and lovingly restored half-timbered buildings. Among the many sights are the Witches’ Tower, the Synagogue and the Romanesque House, as well as the Imperial Palace. The former moated castle is also called Barbarossa Castle after its founder. If you don’t want to explore Gelnhausen’s old town on your own, you can take advantage of one of the many offers from the tourist information office. Here, exciting guided tours, interactive city rallies or the family hands-on museum tell the many entertaining stories about Gelnhausen.


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