Goerlitz Nikolai Tower

Goerlitz Nikolai Tower


Formerly an exhibition site, today an observation tower

If you want to catch a different view of the picturesque old town of Görlitz, you can climb the numerous steps to the Görlitz Nikolaiturm. Since 2016, the 45-metre-high tower has served as the city’s official observation tower. Before that, it was used as an exhibition tower, for example for a collection of historical locks, lamps and fittings. The Nikolaiturm marks the beginning of the historic old town of Görlitz and was part of the former city fortifications. According to the latest research, the tower was even part of the Görlitz city fortifications before the town was extended in 1250. However, it was first mentioned in a document in 1348 as part of the city gate.


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