Goerlitz Whispering Arc

Goerlitz Whispering Arc


Popular photo motif and visitor magnet

The Görlitz Whispering Arch on the Lower Market Square is a popular photo motif for tourists. The late Gothic portal is richly decorated with many elements, such as the sculpted finials, crabs and the mask console on the side. The Whispering Arch was built as early as 1500 and extended in the 16th and 18th centuries. It received its special name because of its rounded shape and the special acoustics. The so-called ogee arch archivolt ensures good transmission of sound waves, so that a whisper at one end of the arch can also be heard at the other end of the passageway. The lavish decorations are not only to be found in the semi-circular arch portal, but throughout the entire passageway.


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