Hannover Kramerstreet

Hannover Kramerstreet


Historic half-timbered houses in Kramerstrasse

Kramerstraße in the Mitte district runs from the Marktkirche to the Historical Museum on Holzmarkt and, with its characteristic half-timbered houses, is one of the core streets of the historic old town. Kramerstraße owes its name to the minor merchants who lived here as early as 1258 and ran their small grocer’s shops in the street. After this old town centre was extensively destroyed during the Second World War, most of the picturesque half-timbered houses were rebuilt after 1945. From the Marktkirche, the famous street leads down to the Hohe Ufer and the riverside promenade. In addition to numerous shops, restaurants and cafés, there are also a number of museums here, such as the Hanover Historical Museum


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