Heidelberg Philosopher’s Garden

Heidelberg Philosopher’s Garden


Sunny natural balcony

Southern flair in the middle of Baden-Württemberg can be experienced in Heidelberg’s Philosophengärtchen. After an easy climb from the Theodor Heuss Bridge via the Philosophenweg up to the Philosophengärtchen, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Heidelberg’s old town with its many historical sights. The mild climate in this area favours the growth of many exotic plants, such as almond trees, lemon trees and gingko trees. No wonder, then, that the Philosophengärtchen is also called the “sun-drenched natural balcony”. Here you can also visit the impressive Bismarck Tower and the Liselotten Stone, which is dedicated to Liselotte of the Palatinate. The view from the Meriankanzel resembles the copperplate engraving by Matthäus Merian from 1620.


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