Homberg (Efze) St. Mary’s

Homberg (Efze) St. Mary’s


The scene of the historic Homberg Synod

At the foot of the Homberg castle hill you can experience a piece of German church history: the town church of St. Marien from the 13th century, which is also called the “Reformation Church of Hesse”. This is where the so-called “Homberg Synod” met in October 1526 – a church meeting held as part of the Reformation, at which it was decided that the Landgraviate of Hesse should become Protestant. Another testimony to history is the church tower: after its destruction during the 30 Years War, it was rebuilt in 1660 with different stone and in a different design. Visitors can see the turret apartment of the Gothic church and enjoy the view of the Knüll Mountains, the Keller Forest and the Wabern Valley.


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