Lake Ebni

Lake Ebni


Picturesque lake near Kaisersbach

If you want to cool off a little on hot days or are simply looking for a nice place to go, the Ebnissee lake near Kaisersbach in Baden-Württemberg is just the right place. Tourists as well as residents of the nearby towns of Althütte, Welzheim and Murrhardt like to come to the picturesque lake to unwind. A visit to Lake Ebnissee can also be easily combined with other leisure activities in the region. There are other lakes nearby, such as the Aichstruter Stausee (Aichstrut Reservoir), about three kilometres away, and the Hagerwaldsee (Hagerwald Lake) and the Waldsee Fornsbach (Fornsbach Forest Lake), each about seven kilometres from the Ebnissee.


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