Lorch Rhine bank

Lorch Rhine bank


Romantic flair with castles and palaces

In the west of the Rheingau-Taunus district about ten kilometers north of the Binger Loch lies idyllically on the Rhine the community of Lorch. The banks of the Rhine here take a particularly large number of twists and turns and seem almost endless. Framed by steeply sloping vineyard hillsides, one finds numerous castles and fortresses or castle ruins here on both sides of the Rhine. In the past, Lorch was a popular residence for nobility and clergy due to its great importance for winegrowing and shipping. This can be seen in the numerous buildings, some of which are still well preserved. In the Middle Ages, Lorch was also an important transhipment and stacking point for Rhine shipping due to its location at a particularly narrow point of the Rhine valley.


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