Ludwigsburg City Church

Ludwigsburg City Church


Baroque eye-catcher on the market square

An absolute eye-catcher on Ludwigsburg’s market square is the town church, built from 1718 to 1726 by master builder Donato Giuseppe Frisoni. The Protestant church is a total of 44 metres high and towers several times over the Catholic church opposite with its two towers. Every Saturday, you can enjoy the music of the well-known church tower brass band as well as organ music in the church – a perfect break from the hectic weekly market, which takes place at the same time on the market square. Guided tours of one of the two church towers are also offered on certain occasions. The viewing platform offers visitors a unique panoramic view all the way to the Residenzschloss, the Blühender Barock and Hohenasperg Fortress.


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