Markgröningen town hall

Markgröningen town hall


Multipurpose building from the Middle Ages

Multifunctional buildings also existed in the Middle Ages: An impressive example of this is the town hall of Markgröningen. The ornate half-timbered building from 1441 was built on a total of 54 oak stands and originally housed a large hall on the first floor with stalls for butchers, bakers and salt sales. It also housed the fire department. On the upper floor, in addition to stalls for selling cloth and wool, there was also the courtroom and the office of the town clerk. Here you can admire a baroque stucco ceiling from 1755. Between 1928 and 1930, the Markgröningen town hall underwent extensive renovation. Among other things, an exterior balcony was removed and the interior staircase was enlarged.


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