Markgröningen Bartholomew Church

Markgröningen Bartholomew Church


Sacral building with eventful history

Where a Romanesque church had previously stood, the present Bartholomew Church of Markgröningen was built in the mid-13th century by Count Hartmann II of Grueningen. The nave was followed between 1340 and 1346 by the construction of the west wing with church and high watch tower. Around 1400 the chapel in the southeast was added and in 1459 the Volland chapel. The late Gothic choir with the beautifully carved choir stalls dates from 1469 – 1472. After the Second World War, the Markgröninger Bartholomäuskirche then had to be extensively renovated and closed for a long time. Thus, the Walcker organ was moved, the original wooden galleries were removed and valuable medieval wall paintings were uncovered.


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