Memmingen Old Town

Memmingen Old Town


Shopping and strolling in a picturesque setting

If you’ve always wanted to go shopping in a special old town ambience, you should take note of Memmingen’s old town. The impressive buildings along Kramerstrasse, the heart of Memmingen’s pedestrian zone, bear witness to its long history as an imperial city. Numerous stores, boutiques, but also cafés and restaurants can also be found in Maximilianstraße, Marktplatz, Theaterplatz and Schrannenplatz. Particularly at the Weinmarkt, value was placed on the cityscape in the course of the redevelopment. In addition to the beautiful ensemble of houses with the Kramer Guild, the focus here is on the “Twelve Peasants’ Articles” fountain. The many seating options of the cafés located here make the Weinmarkt a popular meeting place, especially in summer.


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