Munich Praterinsel

Munich Praterinsel


Relaxation and adventure for the whole family

In the centre of Munich, close to the Isar river, lies the idyllic Praterinsel – a perfect destination for an excursion. Originally used as an amusement park in the 19th century, the island has a rich history and is still an important part of Munich’s cultural life today.

Bathing fun and culture

Swimming in the Isar is a highlight of Praterinsel. You can swim in the clear water or relax on the beach at the island’s many bathing spots. Enjoy nature and escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

For those interested in culture, there is plenty to discover on the Praterinsel. The museum of the German Alpine Club offers exciting insights into Alpine history and culture. A walk across the Mariannenbrücke bridge leads directly to Praterinsel and opens up wonderful views of the Isar.

Venue and creative centre Praterinsel Munich

Praterinsel is also a popular event location and regularly hosts concerts, festivals and markets. There are also artists’ studios here, which emphasise the creative flair of the island.

Getting to Praterinsel is straightforward: Take the underground to Max-Weber-Platz, from where you can reach the island in just a few minutes.


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