Neustadt a.d.W. Old Town

Neustadt a.d.W. Old Town


Historical wine town in the Palatinate

In the middle of the Palatinate, the old town of Neustadt a.d.W. is home to the oldest and largest stock of half-timbered houses in the region. Also worth seeing in the old town are the famous Elwetritschen fountain by Gernot Rumpf and the murals by Werner Holz on a historic building. In addition to several monument zones, the old town also contains individual monuments such as the 14th century collegiate church, the former Casimirianum University and the Steinhäuser Hof. A special highlight, which has taken place in the old town of Neustadt a.d.W. since 1949 as part of the German Wine Harvest Festival, is the election of the German Wine Queen. Curious: Even traffic lights in the city show the silhouette of the wine queen.


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