Nürnberg Wöhrder See

Nürnberg Wöhrder See


Nuremberg Wöhrder See

If you are looking for peace and recreation, you have come to the right place: Lake Wöhrder See in Nuremberg. The lake was created at the time for the purpose of flood protection, but today it is mainly used as a local recreation area. The southern part of the lake, the so-called “Bucht am Norikus” (bay at Norikus) with its sandy beach and bathing bay is very popular with visitors, especially in the summer months. It is a wonderful place to swim, picnic or go for a walk. Together with the jetty on the north side and the underwater islands, this part of the lake is part of the local recreation area “Wasserwelt Wöhrder See”. The upper part of the lake, on the other hand, is intended for species protection and is therefore not accessible to bathers.


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