Rothenburg Schmid alley and Plönlein

Rothenburg Schmid alley and Plönlein


Role model for Walt Disney and Co.

The Plönlein in Rothenburg’s Schmidgasse is world-famous. The medieval ensemble of square, fountain, half-timbered houses and two towers of the old city wall have already been the architectural model for a typical medieval setting in many films and video games. These include the Walt Disney classic “Pinocchio”, the game “Tekken Tag Tournament 2”, the current music video for Lil Dicky’s song “Earth” as well as comics or Japanese mangas such as “Little Snow Fairy Sugar”. The yellow half-timbered house at the entrance to the Spitalviertel is particularly eye-catching. However, the term “Plönlein” translates as “Little Square by the Fountain” and therefore means the entire combination of historic buildings in Rothenburg’s Schmidgasse.


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