Speyer Altpoertel

Speyer Altpoertel


Defence tower from the 13th century

It is considered one of the highest and most important city gates in the country – the Speyer Altpoertel. Construction of the gate, which is located on the central Maximilianstraße opposite the imperial cathedral in Speyer, began as early as 1230. In the 16th century, the arcade arches of the gallery and the top storey of the tower with its late Gothic tracery parapet were added. The embrasures on the west side of the tower are a reminder of the defensive function of the Speyer Altpoertel. A curiosity can be found on the northern side. The iron bracket is intended to represent the Speyer standard, the 28 cm high “Speyer standard shoe”. This used to serve as the “measure of all things”, so to speak, for the town’s merchants.


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