Tübingen Hohentübingen Castle

Tübingen Hohentübingen Castle


Seat of the University of Tübingen

The mighty Renaissance building Schloss Hohentübingen rises above Tübingen’s old town on Schlossberg hill. First mentioned in 1078, it served as a castle in the Middle Ages. Until the 16th century, the castle was the residence of the dukes of Württemberg. Today it houses the Institute of Classical Archaeology and the Museum of Ancient Cultures of the University of Tübingen. The first parts of the university were already located here in the mid-18th century, until Württemberg’s King Wilhelm I gave the entire Hohentübingen Palace to the university in 1816. Highlights are the triumphal arch of the main portal in late Renaissance style and the oldest preserved giant wine barrel in the world in the castle cellar.


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