Zwingenberg Castle

Zwingenberg Castle


"The Freeshooter" in Zwingenberg

The well-preserved castle complex Zwingenberg Castle has belonged to the Margraves of Baden since 1808 and is currently inhabited by Prince Ludwig of Baden and his family. A particularly good view of the romantic castle, which is considered one of the most impressive fortresses in the Neckar Valley, can be had from the opposite side of the Neckar or from one of the so-called “Winke boats”. If you want to take a hike after visiting the castle, you can walk along the picturesque Wolfsschlucht gorge just behind the castle. Every year since 1983, Zwingenberg Castle has been the venue for the Castle Festival. Here, “Der Freischütz” is traditionally performed, which the composer is said to have written after visiting the gorge.


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