Auf dem Stuttgarter Weihnachtsmarkt mit Mini Eisenbahn und Riesenrad
Christmastime in Germany

Children’s eyes light up at the Stuttgart Christmas market

More than 2,000 Christmas markets transform the city centres between the Alps and the North Sea coast into romantic seas of light in December. Stuttgart’s Christmas market is one of the largest and most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany. What makes it special: The many great attractions for children.

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Ludwigsburg Flowering Baroque

Experience autumn at the Ludwigsburg pumpkin exhibition

Every autumn, everything in Ludwigsburg revolves around the pumpkin for a few months. At the world-famous Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Exhibition, visitors can marvel at artistic pumpkin figures, sample culinary delicacies or experience one of the numerous events. Here you will find the most important information about the Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival as well as sightseeing tips in the area.

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Bremen Osterwiese

Places of Germany Tips: The most beautiful folk festivals in Germany

There are many folk festivals in Germany, especially in summer and autumn. From the North Sea and Baltic Sea coasts to the Alps, residents and visitors regularly meet at street festivals, funfairs or wine markets. Our absolute Places of Germany insider tip is the Backnang street festival with lots of music, fairground rides and culinary delights. But the other city festivals in Germany also have a lot to offer.

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Darss Place West Beach
Summer in Germany

From the coast to the Alps: Germany’s most beautiful travel destinations

In recent years, holidays in Germany have become increasingly popular. No wonder – with North Sea and Baltic Sea coasts, beautiful lakes, great cities and the picturesque Alpine scenery, there are numerous attractive holiday regions in Germany. For all those who are still looking for the perfect holiday destination for the summer holidays, we at Places of Germany have put together Germany’s most beautiful destinations.

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Hainich Treetop Path
Favorite places

Reaching heights: Our observation tower tips in Germany

From where can a city be better overviewed than from an observation tower? Both historical city towers and modern television and office towers with sky bars and rooftop terraces offer a very special way of sightseeing. On our observation tower tour, you will find the best insider tips for beautiful views and romantic sunsets throughout Germany.

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Spring in Germany

Cherry Blossom Germany: The Most Beautiful Places

In Japan, the tradition of cherry blossom has been around for several centuries. However, in Germany, this beautiful tradition has also been celebrated in some places for many years. With numerous events, the arrival of spring and the cherry blossom is welcomed, marking the end of winter and the transition into the warmer season.

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Discover the Alemannic carnival in these places

Soon it will be that time of year again: During the carnival season, colorfully dressed jesters take over the streets to celebrate exuberantly. But it’s not just the carnival strongholds in the Rhineland that are getting into the swing of things. In the Alemannic carnival, where winter has been driven away for centuries with guggemusic, drums and elaborate costumes and masks, there is also a lot going on during the fifth season. No wonder, then, that Fasnet was declared an intangible UNESCO cultural asset in 2014.

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Places of Germany


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