Devil’s Wall

Devil’s Wall


Part of the National Geotopes

A special natural monument stretching over a length of about 20 kilometres is located in the northern Harz foreland: the Teufelsmauer (Devil’s Wall). The unique rocks have been protected in the Weddersleben region since 1935. In 2006, the entire Devil’s Wall and the northern edge of the Harz Mountains were added to the list of National Geotopes. Near Ballenstedt, the towering rocks are called Gegensteine, and between Blankenburg and Timmenrode, Großvater and Großmutter. In the area between southern Weddersleben and Warnstedt, the prominent rocks are called Papensteine, Mittelsteine and Königsstein. Also worth seeing are the caves called “Kuhställe” (cow stables).


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