Quedlinburg Collegiate Church of St. Servatii

Quedlinburg Collegiate Church of St. Servatii


World-famous treasure in the collegiate church

The venerable collegiate church of St. Servatii is located in the middle of the UNESCO World Heritage city of Quedlinburg. It was built at the beginning of the 10th century by King Henry I as a palatine chapel. Later, his widow, St. Mathilde, ensured that St. Servatii became a highly noble ladies’ monastery with close ties to the Ottonian and Salian ruling families. Both drove the development of the monastery, city and state through their commitment and established the tradition of the Ottonians visiting Quedlinburg. This was also continued by later emperors. A highlight that no visitor to Quedlinburg should miss: The famous treasure of the collegiate church of St. Servatii, which impressively shows the eventful history of the sacred building.


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