Quedlinburg Old Town

Quedlinburg Old Town


UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Harz Mountains

Quedlinburg’s old town in the Harz Mountains already has more than 1000 years of history behind it. The historic town centre with its winding alleys, magnificent patrician buildings, spacious squares and picturesque half-timbered houses has therefore officially been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994. As early as 919, Heinrich, Duke of Saxony, is said to have been crowned king on the castle hill of Quedlinburg. In the decades that followed, he made the town the centre of politics in the German Empire. This history can still be felt in many corners of Quedlinburg. The birthplace of the writer Friedrich Gottlieb Kloppstock and the oldest half-timbered house in the town, dating from 1310, are also worth seeing here.


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